Friday, September 27, 2013

Is a Fresh Look At Home Insurance Needed?

No doubt, disasters are more of a threat today than ever before. And while your insurance may or may not cover disasters, there are some uncommon threats to your home that might concern some.

After browsing through the items mentioned in the link above, you will see that disasters are not the only kind of concerns that home owners might need to give thought to. For example, one of the items in the list is actually 'stampeding animals'. Huh? That's right, some things are not covered in even the most thorough insurance policies. Does knowing this warrant a review of your existing insurance policy?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Buying a Home Now a Good Idea?

That is a question that many are asking themselves in light of recent events in the housing market. While you may get a variety of opinions when looking for the answer to that question, the research might give you a better line of reasoning regarding the answer to that question.

Recently, the KCM blog posted on some specific reasons one might consider buying a home right now. So, if you have been thinking about that new home purchase and have not been sure about whether to take the leap, that blog post might have some information that can help.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Home Buyers Benefit From Inspections

When purchasing a home, whether new or otherwise, some feel that an inspection is something that needs to be utilized under certain circumstances - like when buying discount homes. However, in a recent article on my official site, I covered some reasons why a home inspection is needed. As you will see from the article, there are a variety things that can be discovered by using this very valuable tool for home buyers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Everyone Makes Mistakes - Even Sellers

Mistakes Sellers Make in Real Estate

That's right, there are some common errors that people commit when they are selling a home. I recently wrote an article describing five of these mistakes.

You can read the detailed explanation of each of these five mistakes in the article available on, but here is a summarized list:
  • Basing Home Price on Emotions or Circumstances
  • Choosing the Agent for Wrong Reasons
  • Showcasing the Home Poorly or not at All
  • Selling Property to the Buyer When She's Looking
  • Failing to Know Rights and Obligations
Make sure you check out the full article entitled: Five Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Looking for Lake Homes

Luxury Lake Homes

In the Tri-lakes area of the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri, lake homes are what many buyers are in search of. Who can blame them right? There are many advantages to enjoying a home on one of the Branson area's three lakes but I will only mention two in this post.

First, the sounds of birds singing is something that many enjoy. Living on or near a lake means that there is are trees nearby. Second, the view that goes with lake homes is appealing to the eyes. Rather than try to describe it with words, I'll just show you.

Lake Taneycomo in Branson, MO
That image was taken from one of the luxury lake homes available in the Branson area. On my official web site, I have a page of homes on or near one of the lakes that make up the Tri-lakes area. Even though this page is relatively new, I plan on adding to it in the future, so you might want to bookmark it for future reference.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Collection of Good Deals in Branson

Branson Real Estate Deals

Some people are looking for a new home, others place the price at the top of the list when it comes to shopping for a home.

If you are somewhere in the middle and like to consider a variety of factors and decide accordingly then you will want to check out my official Branson real estate web site

While the site will feature a search tool in the near future, I realize that what visitors ultimately want to know is, "where are the homes that have the best value?" So I have been working on adding properties that I think have the most appeal to someone looking to get the most "bang for the buck".

Why not stay tuned in and check back often, you never know when you next home will show up.